We approach the problems of installing sound systems in places of worship with the same degree of care and expertise, which we take in all our work. We offer the best and most appropriate equipment, in order to maximise the best possible audio experience. However using the correct equipment will only work well when set up correctly to suit the environment in which it is intended to be used.

Churches and other similar architectural spaces suffer from an acoustical effect called reverberation. Reverberation is a very complex subject, some auditoriums are sort by the worlds best recording engineers because of their unique reverberation, other spaces exhibit characteristics that effectively make any form of sound reinforcement impossible. Reverberation becomes problematic when the reflected sound is separated from the original sound, and loud enough as to interfere with the original audio causing intelligibilty and degrading of the sound quality. Here at Brooklyn Sound we have the required expertise in acoustics and years of experience to prevent this and ensure complete satisfaction for our clients in their investment.

One of the systems we install in places of worship is a Digital Hymnal, we have been an authorised dealer for Digital Hymnals for many years, and have a great deal of experience in integrating the device into the existing sound system. Alternatively we can provide stand alone or integrated solutions to the amplification of the Digital Hymnal that are sensitive to both the acoustic and aesthetic environment of the building.

The new HT-300 Hymnal Plus is a device that can play thousands of traditional hymns and modern worship songs. For more information on this remarkable peice of equipment you can visit the link under the products section of this website.

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