We specialise in hiring portable public address and equipment for use in difficult environments.
We have hired specialist equipment for numerous prestigious events,
Some examples are

  • The opening of the A19 improvements by Lord Whitty

  • The dedication of a plaque close to the Captain Cook Monument

  • Schools of the Future conference at the Cellnet Stadium addressed by Lord Putnam.

We are a primary supplier of high specification quality sound systems that are tailored to suit a particular acoustic environment.
We adopt the same approach when specifying hire equipment as we do for installation work. High quality sound installations are by definition not cheap. It is our experience that many institutions would benefit from hiring such equipment when it is only for occasional use. We can supply the equipment only or we can supply an attendant engineer.

  • Professional personnel

  • High Specification quality equipment

  • Discreet engineered solutions

  • Temporary installation for the venue

  • Indoor or outdoor

  • Hard wired or wireless systems

  • Mains or battery powered
Mixer Desk


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