All front of house sound systems are by definition the means by which the audio performance is transmitted to the audience. That may be in a provincial theatre or a school or any other performance space, the one thing that they should have in common is the quality of that delivery.

By the nature of the requirement, front of house is the prime function of the equipment, to achieve the best possible experience. Unless, you believe that second or third best is acceptable, in which case your customers should be made aware of the fact.

Here at Brooklyn Sound Systems, our aim is to provide the best possible quality for the venue, so that the real event can be enjoyed to its highest potential.

A great sound system can not make a good singer out of a bad one, however a poor sound system can ruin the performance of even the best artist.

We offer a complete design, supply and installation service, that can deliver the right solution for your space. We can arrange acoustic environment assessment, and advice on treatment and solutions for audio enhancement.

A well specified correctly installed quality sound system, should last for 15 years or even longer, and is an investment that should require no further recommendation. 

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