Digital Hymnal
A Digital Hymnal is an ideal solution to audio requirements within places of worship, here at Brooklyn we have years of experience of installing these systems and offer full after sale support for our clients. The Ht-300 is a remarkable peice of equipment that we would often recommend and use within installations in places of worship.

The Ht-300

The HT-300 Hymnal Plus from Hymnal Technology Ltd, takes music accompaniment for worship to a whole new level. The HT-300 plays thousands of traditional hymns and modern worship songs. The standard UK repertoire includes over 2750 recordings, covering over 6000 hymn book entries.

The HT-300 can be upgraded at any time, just choose from the ever-growing list of repertoire additions. The built-in MIDI and MP3 player gives you the opportunity to play anything you like, and with a large backlit LCD touch screen display the HT-300 has easy to use intuitive operation. Whether changing the speed (tempo) and number of verses, adding an introduction or altering the pitch (key) - it's all laid out in the same clear, straightforward fashion. No unnecessarily technical or complex methods, just 244 preset styles divided into convenient lists ready for use.

The HT-300 is light and mobile and, with built in speakers, is perfect for outreach, home groups, hospital visits, carol singing etc. All the great features of the the HT-300 would be worth nothing if it couldn't be used by the average non-musical person.

Although the HT-300 is very easy to use, no one wants the pressure of finding and selecting tunes one by one during a service. The HT-300's Play List feature makes this quite unnecessary. You can select the tunes for a service at any time and save them as a Play List. You can store as many Play Lists as you like and each Play List can include as many tunes as you want. Each step in a Play List can be one of the HT-300's internal tunes, or one of your own mp3 or midi files - it can even be a text slide if you have the video output option installed.


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