Here at Brooklyn Sound Systems we have years of experience in installing afil loops as an aid to the hard of hearing. We adhere to all necessery regulations to ensure that not only the installation meets the needs of the users but meets all legal requirements.

What is an AFIL Loop?

Audio Induction Loop systems, also called audio-frequency induction loops (abbreviated to AFILs) are an aid for the hard of hearing. They are a loop of cable around a designated area, which generates a magnetic field picked up by a hearing aid. In the United Kingdom, as an aid for disability, their provision where reasonably possible is required by the Disability discrimination act 1995.

AFILs may be provided as stand-alone items, such as at reception desks, or as part of an amplification system in a building. The simple form of AFIL is a single wire around a room, driven from a power amplifier as a loudspeaker would be driven. The coupling of magnetic fields is described mathematically by Faraday's law of induction.

The simple form of AFIL using a general purpose amplifier suffers from some disadvantages. The loop driver amplifier requires some additional circuits to overcome these. Using anything other than a correctly designed loop driver amplifier is not only unsatisfactory, but may result in a loop installation which breaks the law.

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